Products and materials of excellent quality for aesthetics

Do you own a beauty salon or a business that deals with aesthetics? Do you want to sell high quality products for aesthetics? Get in touch today with Les Professions Médico Esthétiques, located in Mons in the province of Hainaut.

Today, we offer the following products and materials for aesthetics, in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Spain:

Goldeneye :

Morphoreconstruction by the permanent makeup! Of the third generation. Without second treatment, without pain and without anesthetics!!!

Permanent Make-up pigmentation colours
latest generation sterile monodose for 4 years ...
Precise and economic dosing with the new and
innovative Goldeneye 9 ml syringe
Hygienic Pump System. No iron oxyd: Gone are the days of the unwanted color change

Coloressence :

Make available to your customers this dermo-pigment of last generation, with a precise and very economical dosage

Lab Division :
Discover a new approach of care associated with a technology that uses the Nanomolecular Cosmeceutical (very small molecule with high penetration) for skin treatments: wrinkles, sluggish skin, dehydration, redness, oily skin ...

Bruno Vassari :

Our range of cosmetic for advanced institute, more than 15 professional lines of facial treatments and 7 body lines

Les Voyages de Selena May :

For your massage wellness rituals in cosmetics greedy, 6 steps for each destinations and 4 100% natural products. Massage specific with accessories to worship a local deity ...

Stage Line :

Your line of professional makeup cabin / resale, ultra complete (more than 750 references), high quality and exclusivity micronized pigments and treated.

Stage Line

Beauty Street :

Your work clothes classy, high quality and your cabin textile at the lowest price !!

Nail Selection :

Professional nail / More than 1500 references !

NailSelection : emergency corona sets “at home” 1-3

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19 and the closure of nail studio treatments associated with it

We suggest that you get 3 different emergency sets at home for the transition - until the studios reopen:

 1-dip set (dip in base - activator - light powder - lime 100 / 180-4-magic pad)

Lot 2-Gel (Prime & Shiny Gel - Cleanser gel 30 ml - Lime 100/180 - 4 stages magic buffer)

Set 3-ANG Acryl gel (Clear Acrylic Gel - Acrylic OF Solution - Acrylic OF Brush & tool - lime 100 / 180-4-Step Magic Tamper)

We add an Antibak2Go Sanitizer from Ns Christmas to each set for free !!

These sets only include professional studio quality products. However, the work of non-prosthetists is only recommended for a limited time. Installation fitting due to containment because your nail care and extension technician does professional nail modeling in your trusted studio and provides you with the necessary care

We can't replace her.

Perfect Color Gel :

The only permanent varnish and UV LEDs in 10 seconds.

Surpodo :

Instrument pedicure, beauty manicure.

Geneo :

First Facial 5 steps in one!! Quick and small final price ...

Coloressence :

make available to your customers this dermo-pigment of last generation, with a precise and very economical dosage

Serenity :

Chromotherapy and LEDothérapie clinically proven and accessible to any institute.

TriPollar :

Non-invasive liposuction with immediate results and rejuvenation from the first session !


The Rolls of permanent hair removal available to any institution.

Alpha Heat, Alpha Infra, Alpha Sun, Alpha Creations et Alpha Steam :

Sauna, Turkish bath, infrared cabin and solarium, the design of your SPA center, standard or custom. Guarantor and luxury at decent prices.


No. 1 worldwide in nail salons.

Nannic :

Innovative products for resale, not available in supermarkets to garnish your counter. (Bas cream, Deo Shower, Plumper lips etc.).


DOU, a new innovative hydrating and disinfectant handspray


Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for hair removal by lights and 6 face treatment, Extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any feeling any more ....

Our brand new “XL Quanty body platform, 8 technologies in 1 machine !!! (Cryo, Lipolysis Lazer, Ultrasounds, Shockwaves, Radiofrequency, Vacuum massage, Light Therapy and Infra Red, Push Impact for Scar) and an infrared camera medical diagnostic system ... the Complete Top for Slimming, Remodeling and Rejuvenation of the body.

Our trained and available team is obviously at your disposal to answer any of your questions about these products and manufacturers of excellent reputation. Call us and we will give you all the advice you need. If you wish, we can also organize for you a visit of our showroom where the majority of these products are exposed.