Become a beauty professional with "Les Professions Médico Esthétiques"

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Indeed in "Les Professions Médico Esthétiques" we greatly relied on quality quality and the service to support our trainings...

Numerous courses in aesthetics

Aesthetic Medical Professions in Mons, specialists in the world of beauty, allow you to offer the best care to your customers by following many training in aesthetics provided by experienced professionals.

Experienced professional trainers

Our trainers work with great professionalism and have many years of experience in aesthetics. Thus, your employees and you will be able to make benefit to the customers of your institute of the many competences in esthetics which you will have acquired by forming you with us.

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Here is an overview of the aesthetic courses offered:


  • updated seminar in new aesthetics

  • nail stylist

  • goldeneye medical dermopigmentation and permanent makeup conference and test machine

  • Bruno Vassari test workshop: innovations in face and body care

  • non-invasive liposuction with immediate results: rejuvenation, tissue recovery

  • free test workshop : « Les voyages de Selena May »

  • preparation course for the central aesthetic jury

  • preparation course for the central aesthetic jury

  • thai massage

  • bamboo massage: massage modeling, sculpting and fitness (much in demand)

  • wine duffel massage

  • sitting massage

  • hot stone massage

  • lymphatic drainage

  • "Velvets" alternative pedicure by Nail Selection

  • medical pedicure

  • foot reflexology

  • Feet nail styling

For a complete list of our courses in aesthetics or for more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact our dynamic and helpful team by phone.


Some pictures of our trainings