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Les Professions Médico Esthétiques (Mons) : excellence of products and training for aesthetics



A wide selection of high quality beauty products to beauty professionals.



Get into the aesthetic and become a beauty professional by following professional training


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Les Professions Médico Esthétiques

Products and training for the world of beauty

"Les Professions Médico Esthétiques" have pulled it off: the best of service to the professional world of beauty.

Currently, our services are available in Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Spain, our services are growing whilst our quality remains outstanding...

Welcoming, smile and professional competence are our strengths, and we continue to advise you the best.

We guarantee you more services, more choices in our range of high quality products and more focused applications for your beauty-parlour through the professional training by our masters. These remain our leading headlines...

We wish you a choice in our articles and our team remains at your disposal to help you.

Les Professions Esthétiques.

For more information or to place your order, call us. We also invite you to visit our showroom in Mons.

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