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The company Les Professions Médico Esthétiques in Mons, in the province of Hainaut, presents a wide selection of high quality products for aesthetics, to make available to customers of your beauty salon. Our trainers also offer many training in aesthetics to perfect your beauty care.

In the field of beauty, our team regularly organizes interesting events to which you are invited. Check this page regularly to stay informed about events we organize. Here is also an overview of news articles about our beauty business.

Several interesting events and complimentary articles about us


Reservation and participation in catering drinks with 35 euros excluding VAT which will be refunded that day with every purchase (including consumables, paper, hydroalcoholic gel, protections etc ...)

9 trainers and 3 global manufacturers at your disposal for demonstrations and free continuous testing ...
Learn from champions by visiting our 1200 m2 Expo + training room

Take advantage of all our exceptional discounts to present all the novelties and take this opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the sector.


Les Professions Médico Esthétiques in Mons:

Demonstrations, free test and explanations of our training courses,

9 trainers and 3 manufacturers at your disposal;

Permanent make-up, Nano Blading, Paramedical dermo pigmentation, non-invasive liposuction, Cryotherapy, nail modeling, Nail Art, acrygel, Permanent hair removal, new hr 808 cold laser, Face and body treatments, massages, Chromotherapy, eyelash extension , permanent varnish, pressotherapy, sauna, hammam, infrared cabin, salt cave, Cosmeceuticals, Ritual of care and massage in 100% natural products is edible, relooKing and professional make-up with David Jeanmotte (Rtbf), Teeth whitening, institute furniture, medical pedicure, orthonixia, orthoplasty, And onycpholasty, Laser tattoo removal, laser treatment of onycho mycosis, And many more…

Guest / Guest: David Jeanmotte (rtbf)

Come and take advantage of all our exceptional discounts to stock up on new products ...
And take this opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the profession.

17 and 12 places remaining September 28 and October 12 in the evening 3pm-10pm

During our Mega Workshop:


Laser hair removal 40 euros small area and 75 euros large area + RF rejuvenation offered Unheard of!!!


Call 065 36 30 05 quickly (pass the welcome message with #) or send an email with your contact details and telephone number to

Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode with cooled treatment head, for light hair removal Extremely fast, ultra effective and finished sensations.


Our brand new "XL Quanty" bodywork platform 8 technologies in 1 machine!!! (Cryo, Lipolysis Lazer, Ultrasound, Shock Waves, Radio Frequency, Endomassage, Light Therapy and Infrared, Push Impact Scar) and an infrared camera medical diagnostic system. the complete top for slimming, reshaping and rejuvenating the body.


The brand new thermokinetic, resistive RF, capacitive and light therapy in a very low budget device (9990 excl. VAT) to treat the face and body to perfection

XL Quanty

Our brand new Lazer HR808 diode

With cooled treatment head, for light hair removal Extremely fast, ultra efficient and without any more feelings…. And our brand new "XL Quanty" body platform 8 technologies in 1 machine !!! (Cryo, Lazer for lipolysis, ultrasound, shock waves, Radiofrequency, Endomassage, light therapy and infrared, Push Impact scar) and a medical diagnostic system by infrared camera ... the complete Top for Slimming, remodeling and rejuvenation body.

Discover our ShowRoom in this video!

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For all your questions or a visit of our showroom in Mons, call us!

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